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Live Queen ants & Accessories


European ants

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Asian ants

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North American ants

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African ants

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Food & accessories

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What our customers are saying about us


Amazing! lots of brood and queen doing well :)

They arrived with a lot of workers and possibly doubled in size within two weeks

James L

What we offer you

Quality controlled

All Queens are quarantined for 2 weeks and come with a fertile guarantee 

14 Day Guarantee

Additional 14 day guarantee of our European queens 

Free shipping

Free shipping as standard for our UK customers 

Environmental pledge

All our ants are Ethically sourced as standard. 95 percent of our packaging can be recycled, biodegradable bubble wrap and carbon neutral international shipping.

Live arrival Guaranteed

Live arrival on all orders to the UK and Europe as standard


Lifetime support for all our customers on our products using our over 10 year industry experience 

Express shipping

Fast First class shipping for our UK customers or Next day delivery and Express 24-48 hour shipping available for EU customers  


All our ants are fed organic feed and our all food products are organic and pesticide free