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    • 5 years of ant keeping for refining this product!
    • Completely Organic protein shakes for your ants.
    • New packaging lasts longer with the same amount of shake in smaller and tighter packaging!
    • For the health of your colony the queen and her brood need protein for egg production and growth.
    • You will receive two small tubes per product, buy 2 and get an extra set free!
    • Liquid protein is great for your ants it means they do not have to work too hard to get food and can help maximise colony growth as well as supplement their diet, extra fat added for hibernation
    • Treat your queen ant like the queen she is!
    • Suitable for most colonies
    • It can last for several months when stored correctly so refrigerated when received and keep sealed (Organic preservative has been added)
    • Free pipette to dispense liquid only two drops (size of queen’s head) are needed every 2-3 days for early colonies and 1-2 days for bigger colonies (3-4 drops for 50+ workers) for even bigger colonies use your discretion:).
    • We recommend putting the liquid on a non-absorbent surface
    • Excess liquid or dried liquid can be wiped using a damp cotton bud.

    Ant Protein Shake (with new V3 packaging) Buy 2 sets and get a 3rd set free!

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