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  • Our Anti-ant climb formula (oil based 5ml) is our latest product to prevent ants climbing it provides a barrier which is makes ants unable to climb surfaces. It is clear unlike PTFE and means you can still observe your ants in the area you have applied the barrier. We have tried and tested this product on various species such as Laius niger, messor barbarus and phiedole palludula as well as bigger ants like camponotus species.

    We have provided an application sponge with each bottle to make it easier to apply.

    Method of application:


    • We recommend applying a width of around 3-4cm during application with the sponge
    • You don’t need too much when you apply it and if it does drip try and use less and wipe

    any drips with cotton wool.

    • You can apply in circular motions or across the nest area in a straight line
    • This formula is food safe and non-toxic to ants and humans alike
    • Make sure ants have to work against gravity for example climbing up the outworld


    How long will it last?

    As it is oil based it should last at least 1-2 months if applied correctly and is humid resistant

    A little goes a long way and this is tried and tested on our own colonies :)

    Bottle may differ from images but product volume and applicator is the same :)

    Anti-ant climb formula (oil based 7ml per bottle)

    PriceFrom £3.49
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