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  • AntsRus Liquid PTFE ™

    After over a year of this product not sold by us, we have bought it back due to popular demand from our customers in our 7ml bottles! This product will prevent ants escaping out of their enclosures.

    We use an instant dry formula which results in the product usually drying in 60 second or less!

    Use in a well-ventilated area and keep the outworld of the ants ventilated (lid off) for at least 5 minutes after application, during this time the PTFE should prevent ant escapes.

    This product works well with Lasius, Formica, Messor, Camponotus etc. From testing generally the bigger the ants the more likely it is to be effective. 

    How to use:

    -before application tip product upside down and back around 10-15 times and then give it a little shake

    -apply product to area where ants must work against gravity e.g. climbing up an outworld

    -apply product width of 3-4 centimetres

    -Reapply product every 2-3 weeks


    Any questions just contact us.

    AntsRus Liquid PTFE ™ (anti-insect escape)

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