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    Pericapritermes Sp are a species of termites. We have not been able to formally identify them yet. They are humus eating species being in the genus of Pericapritermes. They feed on dead or decaying matter which is basically the brown/black matter in the soil.


    When the first workers of termites are born a worker is born usually alongside a soldier as a soldier is needed for defensive reasons. Especially since this species spends most of its time below the surface. There most common predator are ants. Pericapritermes and other species have developed methods to combat their predator over years of evolution. The soldiers’ mandibles have developed to be a flicker motion which would be useless outside the nest but inside the nest with tunnels those mandibles are very useful to flick away the ants that trying to invade.


    We have a caresheet on the website for this species give it a read before purchasing in our support sections and read the caresheet. Any questions contact us!


    This species is covered by our live arrival guarantee we guarantee the live arrival of both the king and queen for the first 12 hours of arrival if kept in the test tube.

    Pericapritermes Sp (Termites mated pair)

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