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Ant & Termite caresheets

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Below you will find the caresheets for various Ant & Termite species. Just simply download the file relevant to the ant species you have. If you can't find the file for your species download the file with the same genus name as your species. Example if you have Lasius neglectus download a Lasius umbratus caresheet. All exotic non EU ants are covered under our exotic care guide.

Lasius niger ants

Lasius flavus ants

Lasius Grandis ants

Lasius umbratus

Messor barbarus

Messor bouvieri

Messor structor

Myrmica rubra

Manica rubida

Camponotus cruentatus

Camponotus barbaricus

Camponotus herculeanus

Camponotus lignperdia

Camponotus vagus

Camponotus aethiops

Camponotus sylvaticus

Formica fusca

Formica sanguinea

Solenopsis fugax

Pheidole pallidula

Temnothorax nylanderi

Tetramorium caespitum

Care of exotic ant species

Care of Oecophylla smaragdina

Care of Termites 

Caresheets: Files
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