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Stock update & News

Knowledge is power!

More Asian exotics added to the store including termites! 26/10/2022

Messor barbarus added all colours 03/10/2022 

New species added to stock or updated: Camponotus barbaricus,Camponotus pilicornis,

Lasius grandis, Myrmica specioides, Monomorium subopacum, and Pheidole pallidula. 

Strongylognathus testaceus and Formica sanguinea added to store 14/09/2022

Orders are now being accepted and will be dispatched on 22nd August.


This page is going to be used to keep our customers informed on our new stock updates when they will launch as well as any news in regard to our business that we feel is relevant to our customers.

We have now added e-Gift cards in various prices to the website from: 29/11/2021

We now have a system in place to accept stock request whatever items we have out of stock you can request a re-stock and we will note it on our system and source it and you can receive email notification when it is back in stock. This feature was added 25/08/2021

We are now shipping to the EU via our express service 1-3 working days for 22.99GBP :)

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