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  • Camponotus turkestanicus are found in a few regions of the Eastern areas of the world, such as Russia, Iran, and Central Asia.


    Like most Camponotus species they have a high polymorphism, also known as size variation between their workers. The Queen has a red/brown head and a darker brown/black body which is also found in the workers.


    This species can be found in various landscapes including desert to more low-lying areas, this species is adaptable and can do well in captivity.


    Keeping difficulty: Easy (Recommended for keepers who have kept at least one or more ant species) 

    Colony form: Monogyne (Polymorph workers)

    Queen size: 13-15mm Red/brown head and thorax with brown abdomen.

    Worker’s size: 6-14mm Red/brown head with brown abdomen.

    Food: honey water and insects

    Temp: 24-28°C

    Humidity: 50-70%

    Founding: clasutral without feeding

    Colony size: 1-10000 workers

    Hibernation: No

    Live arrival guarantee:


    We guarantee the live arrival of your Queen they come well packed in our jiffy bags which have two-sided padding as well as an additional layer of bubble wrap around our test tubes. We are the only company in the United Kingdom to offer our live arrival guarantee of your queen as well as an additional 14-day guarantee if the colony if kept in the original test tube for all our European species. Why do we do this? We are confident with our colony’s health and our packaging process as well as our care guides, we also believe in our customers and making sure they have a good ant keeping experience.

    Camponotus turkestanicus

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