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  • Pictures & Videos of ants provided by (@that_random_guy_official_ & @charlies_ants_)


    Test tubes feeders (For our 150mm and 100mm tubes).

    Our test tube feeders work in our 100mm and 150mm clear plastic tubes and should work in many clear plastic tubes, but we can’t guarantee this, as we only have tested with our test tubes. Each Test tube feeder has two feeding dishes to maximise its use. We recommend ordering two feeders so you can simply swap out and clean the replaced feeder. The best way to remove our feeders is twist clockwise or anticlockwise and pull out which minimises the effort needed to pull them out but it is not too difficult as its a snug fit. 


    Our feeders at the bottom have a label 100 for our 100mm long test tubes and 150 for our 150mm long tubes. They also come in two forms. One is cotton filled breathing hole in the middled, this can be used for small and large ants without issues after each change just check the cotton is all ok, we plug this for you before sending.


    Our second form of feeders have air holes and has 3x1.5mm air holes and more suited to big ants like camponotus, formica species but not suitable for smaller species like lasius niger and smaller. We recommend the cotton plugged type feeder as its suited for a wider range of species, but the choice is yours.


    In addition, the feeders have a flat bottom, so they prevent the test tube from rolling around reducing your ants stress level. Our test tube feeders are designed for a snug fit which easily allows removal but will not easily fall out.


    You also have the option of purchasing test tubes and extra cotton if needed to meet your needs which can be found in our store under the same catergory accessories.

    Feeder dimensions are in millimetres(mm) and include the following information:


    Inner diameter (ID), Outer diameter (OD), insert length (IL), Total length excluding insert length (TL).

    100mm feeders: ID: 12mm, OD: 13.75mm IL:34.7mm TL:35mm


    150mm feeders: ID: 12.5mm, OD: 14.65mm IL:36.7mm TL:37mm


    For additional information please contact us.


    Read below about our ethos and 3D printing process and understanding our behind-the-scenes process!

    If you can fit the size into your outworld we recommend getting the biggest size or at least a medium to make sure you get the most value for money. Each size is a 50 percent increase in the size from the previous size. If you want an even bigger size its possible for us to make it but please contact us directly. In addition, any colour suggestions let us know and we will take this into consideration. Our products are made with a high-quality plastic which has superior properties to competitors using our high-end 3D printers as well as our extensive re