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    Tapinoma geei

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    Tapinoma geei are an exotic species of Tapinoma, they have black queens with black/brown workers sizes of workers can deviate by a 1-2mm, they are small but mighty ants and can grow rapidly and inbreed within the colony to make more queens. They have a good recruitment system once food is found; their behaviour is like their successful cousins Tapinoma melanocephalum also known as ghost ants. I have not seen Tapinoma geei for sale until now, so if you want a small but mighty species with multiple queens and inbreeding these are your girls!


    Keeping difficulty: Easy (Kept at least one or two European species)

    Colony form: Polygyne

    Queen size/Gamergate: 5-6mm black

    Worker’s size: 2-4mm black/brown

    Food: honey water and insects

    Temp: 20-28°C

    Humidity: 50-70%

    Founding: clasutral without feeding

    Colony size: 1-4000 workers

    Hibernation: No


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